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A MBA in Marketing&HR and currently designated as a Asst.Professor in a B School at Pune, young vocalist Sayan Bose belongs to family of musicians .His father ShriDebashis Bose himself, is an accomplished Guitarist .Sayan’s first journey of playing with Musical Notes began under the loving tutelage of his Aunt Lt. Smt.Mala Guhathakurata who was an outstanding Rabindrasangeet Artist and an A Graded Artist of All India Radio,Kolkata and the founding member of the very famous Kalavrit Choir Group,Kolkata.Sayan’s tryst with Indian Classical Music started formally for a brief period under the tutelage of Smt.Bandana Chakroborty of KiranaGharana at the age of 10 years.Soon after that , he completed his SangeetVisharad from Bengal Music College, Kolkata under the lovingly musical guidance of Smt.Malavika Bose and the training lasted for 7 years.
But the serene & pure connection with Hindustani Classical Vocal Music restarted when Sayan came under the influence and the true Guru ShishyaParampara system under the mentoring of UstadJainulAbedin , a renowned vocalist of Agra Gharana and an A+ Graded scholar of ITC Sangeet Research Academy,Kolkata.Sayan started learning the beautiful nuances &gayakiang of this illustrious Gharana for 6 years and inherited a invaluable repertoire of rare ragas & traditional along with uncommon bandishes from UstadJi.
Sayan has also taken musical taalim from ShriMukulKulkarni(Disciple of Pt.Arun Kashalkar ,Pt. Vikash Kashalkar & Pt. SharadSathe)in Gwalior-Agra Gayaki at Pune.He has also recently become a student of Ustad Waseem Ahmed Khan (Guru,ITC SRA) & is taking taalim from him in the authenticrangila Agra AtrauliGharana style of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music.
Sayan has a very rich, melodious and a malleable voice with an unconventional yet huge collection of rare ragas & bandishes.His gayaki is considered to peaceful,emotive& ornamental. Sayan’s strength lies in nomtomalaapchari,bolbaant,bandish focused gayaki and fluid criss cross tans. Sayan closely follows the Ashtaang Gayaki and stays true and loyal to the beautiful assimilation of Agra-Gwalior-Jaipur Gharana Style.He also wants to set up a chain of Music schools across India for underprivileged yet talented young vocalists.
Besides the above, Sayan has performed in various Baithaks in Kolkata, Agra, Mumbai, Delhi,Jabalpur, Bardhamanetcin& across India .He has also conducted mini workshops for underprivileged students of Music in North Bengal.Sayan has several classical vocal videos links in the very popular Youtube. Along with Classical Music, Sayan is also an eclectic performer of Bollywood Songs in different platforms in Mumbai, Mathura, Kolkata and Delhi.

Course Name MBA Institute Name NSHM B school
Start Date 01-06-2009 End Date 01-06-2011
Course Name PGPM Institute Name NSHM B school
Start Date 01-06-2010 End Date 01-06-2011
Course Name Sangeet Visharad Institute Name Bengal Music College
Start Date 01-04-2005 End Date 01-04-2011
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Bengali
Instruments : Harmonium, Tabla
Music Reading : Sight Reading, Read Charts
Genre : Alternative, Bhajan, Indian Classical, Dadra, Experimental, Folk, Fusion, Ghazal, Soul, Sufi, Thumri
Work preference
Available In : Anywhere In India
Availability : Part Time
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