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About me

Kamini Shevgaonkar is a performing artist and a cineaste based out of Mumbai, India – a Bharatnatyam dancer & Alumnus of New York Film Academy- Film making, New York.
She is also trained in Hindustani – Indian vocal & Dramatics - Hindi.

Course Name 8 week intensive film making diploma Institute Name New York Film Academy, NY - film making
Start Date 07-10-2013 End Date 07-12-2013
Course Name 1 month diploma acting Institute Name Actor prepares
Start Date 01-09-2012 End Date 01-10-2016
Course Name 1 month acting workshop Institute Name Yatri theater Co
Start Date 02-11-2012 End Date 02-12-2012
Course Name Hindustani Classical Music Institute Name Ghatkopar Sangeet vidyalaya
Start Date 01-10-1994 End Date 01-10-1998
Course Name Bharatnatyam Classical Dance Institute Name Nritya Kamal Kala Niketan
Start Date 01-10-1995 End Date 01-10-2016
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical stats
Height : 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight : 88 Kg
Waist : 35 Inches
Hips : 38 Inches
Chest : 38 Inches
Hair Type : Curly
Hair Length : Medium
Language : Hindi
Expertise : Acting
Work preference
Available In : Mumbai
Availability : Full Time
Amazon Ad
Role Lead
Start Date End Date
Amazon Ad - Diwali special series
Crime Patrol Dial 100
Role Villian
Start Date End Date
Played Negative in Crime Patrol Dial 100
Role: Prostitute Head
Theater Play: Traffic Jam
Role Lead, Housewife
Start Date 01-01-2013 End Date 01-06-2013
Theater play: Traffic Jam
Role: Lead, Housewife
How serious things can go if a patient is stuck in a traffic jam
Platform performance of 20 mins @ Yatri theater co
Director: Om Katare
Theater Play: Ravanleela
Role Village Woman
Start Date 01-12-2012 End Date 01-01-2014
Hindi play @ Yatri theater Co:
A chaotic Ramleela in rural village makes it more fun to watch it.
Shows run for 2 yrs
Director: Om Katare
Role Villian
Start Date 01-09-2015 End Date 10-09-2015
Short film on child trafficking
Role: Villian - prostitute head
Director: Siddharth Zastra
Vidya Kasam
Role Lead, Wife
Start Date 01-06-2016 End Date 15-06-2016
Vidya Kasam:
Short film - DIrector: Sandeep Jha

Rural themed family drama
Gori Tere Pyaar Mein
Role feature in music video
Start Date 01-10-2013 End Date 01-11-2013
Featured in dance track : TOOH
Co actors: Kareena kapoor and Imran khan
Role Parallel Lead
Start Date 01-09-2015 End Date 01-10-2015
HANDI: Short film
Director: Sharvari Prabhu
Co-actor: Milind Phatak
Role: Mother of a disabled child
-Selected to be screened @ Miraj International Short film festival
-Selected to be screened @ Goa Short film festival
An Invisible thought
Role Doctor
Start Date 01-08-2014 End Date 01-09-2014
LGBT themed short film
Character: Doctor
Selected to be screened @ Tuzla film festival, Bosnia
Marathi film: PARTU
Role Character role
Start Date 01-12-2014 End Date 01-01-2015
Indo American Marathi production
Theatrical release: Dec'2015
Director: Nitin Adsul

Co-actor: Sridhar Mirajkar
Marathi film: Aashiyana
Role Lead's Mother
Start Date 01-10-2014 End Date 31-10-2014
Aashiyana: Director: Ajit Devle
Theatrical marathi film :
released: Oct 2014
Co actor: Yatin Karyekar
Project Name
Start Date End Date