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About me

Being a Voice Over Artist, I am here to lend my voice to e-learning websites, animated TV Shows or movies, dubbed films, commercials, documentaries or video games. I have had some training and experience as Stage Actor. Clarity of speech, correct pronunciation and voice modulation are my key strengths. I am open for freelance and full-time work opportunities as a Voice Artist.

Course Name Class 10th Institute Name Dwarka International School
Start Date 10-04-2012 End Date 26-04-2013
Course Name Class 12th Institute Name White Leaf Public School
Start Date 19-04-2014 End Date 14-06-2015
Course Name B. Com. (Hons. ) Institute Name Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi.
Start Date 10-08-2015 End Date 31-12-2017
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English
Expertise : Lead Voice Over Artist, Narrator, Story Teller, Movie Trailer Voice, Phone/ivr Voice, Promo Voice
Pocket FM
Role Radio Jockey
Start Date 08-03-2019 End Date
I am working as a Freelance Radio Jockey with Pocket FM which is a mobile application. I record stories and fables in one segment of the application. And I also do motivational audio book summaries in another segment.
OTC Studios
Role Voice Content Specialist
Start Date 16-05-2018 End Date
In-House Radio Advertising
Bollywood Spy YouTube Channel
Role Voice Artist
Start Date 20-07-2016 End Date 25-03-2019
I worked with Bollywood Spy- A leading YouTube channel as a Bollywood News Anchor. YouTube videos with my voice samples are also uploaded in the portfolio section.
Khabri Mobile Application
Role News Anchor
Start Date 08-06-2016 End Date 31-12-2018
I am a Voice Over Artist presently working with " Khabri Mobile Application"
Key Functions :
1) Recording the news articles uploaded by the content writers.
2) Editing the articles - Using "Audacity Software", I remove the time elapses and any background noise that may have captured while recording the audios.
3) Uploading the articles.
Project Name
Start Date End Date