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Vibha Rani is a multi faced personality. She is a national level writer, poet, playwright, theatre & film actor and an Anchor of two Indian Languages- Maithili & Hindi and a social activist and a Corporate Behavioral and Developmental Trainer as well. A trend setter in the field of solo theatre performance, Vibha is continuously doing theatre in & around the world in both the languages. As a folk singer, she is presenting “Teasing Songs of Mithila” and “The life cycle of a man- through folk songs” of the Region. She has contributed 2 books based on folk tales- “Mithila ki Lok Kathayein” & “Gonu Jha ke Kisse”. Vibha is a living treasure for folk songs, customs, food, mood & rituals of Mithila.

She has more than 20 books published in Maithili and Hindi out of which, there are a short stories book and a play in Maithili. She had translated 7 books of 3 Maithili Sahitya Akademi Award Winner writers from Maithili. Select satire articles from her blog have been published in a book form under the same title. Her poetry collection under the series of Celebrating Cancer is being released in Bangalore Poetry Festival in August, 2016.

Vibha is the initiator of Room Theatre, under which she brings theatre to the mass in a very nominal cost and provides a platform to talents of various genre, who present their skill in the intimate atmosphere.

Vibha is devoted to various genre of literature, such as short stories, poetry, satire & playwriting including theatre performance. She motivates people and hunts talents from the mass from the field of Art and theatre & conducts “All India Play Writing Competition” and “All India Play Writing/Theatre Workshops”. Giving an ease with language, she takes classes on “Spoken Hindi through theatre” for non-Hindi speaking as well as actors, communicators and others.

She is a Corporate Trainer and conducts developmental and behavioral training programs through theatre. She writes on current affairs, films, women & children and an adjudicator of many drama competitions, an approved Radio voice for Dramas & announcements. She is a script writer, written various documentary films for Films Division & serials.

About her work in the field of literature, social welfare and her Socio-cultural Organisation AVITOKO, Vibha says, "I take my characters for my writing from my real life and my surroundings. They all are real ones. I just blend them with the imagination and weave them for my readers. But in one very fine day, I suddenly realised that in spite of taking lives and incidents of my real life characters and creating making my stories meaningful & effective, I am contributing little in their lives. It means, I am also exploiting them. This disturbed me furiously. I started to think seriously that what I can do for their benefit in a concrete manner. So, whenever I see any person in any odd situation, I used to go back in my childhood. When I started to put myself in their shoes, I realised that this is not only their lives but it's mine too. I decided to do some meaningful work for them. Thus AVITOKO came into existence. Today, I have a satisfaction that I am living with the pain & sorrow of my characters and above all, I am a little contributor to bring a smile on their faces. She says that "A writer or a visionary must be an activist. Every one must think about its own, must learn about self respect. No one can bring smile on the face of any one, if he/she does not starve for that." Vibha Rani accepts that "For me, it will be a wonderful moment, when every one will start to understand the feelings of each one of us. In this world, no one is only bad or good. We are responsible to categorize it.

Her play "Doosra Aadmi, Doosari Aurat” has been awarded with Vishnudas Bhave Award,2011 for Playwriting & Best Script for 2014 by the Govt. of Maharashtra. The play was put up in BHARANGAM, 2002 of National School of Drama, New Delhi & currently being staged by various groups across the country. Another play "Peer Parayee" is being staged in and around the country by “Vivechana”, Jabalpur from 2004 onwards. “Aye Priye Tere Liye” was staged in Mumbai. “Life is not a Dream”, Balchanda”, “Main Krishna Krishn Ki”, “Ek Nayi Menka”, “Bhikharin”, “Naurangi Natni”, “Bimb- Pratibimb”, “Samadhi Bhai Ramsingh” are her solo plays and group play “Tokri bhar Maati” are being staged in & around the world. “Aao Tanik Prem Karen” and “Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Naa Kijo” had won 1st prize of Mohan Rakesh Samman, 2005. “Aao Tanik Prem Karen” had been awarded as the Best play, 2013 and Vibha as the Best female Actor, 2013 by the Govt. of Maharashtra.

Her films are “Chtthi, Dhadhak and recently shot a feature film “Mangal Bhav:” Vibha has written lyrics for Maithili feature film “Mithila Makhan”, which has won National Award, 2016.

With the philosophy of “RANG JEEVAN” (ART & THEATRE FOR LIFE) she works with jail inmates, children of Women jail inmates, Homes for Aged and other marginalized groups of society and organises training programs for “differently able people”.

A winner of more than 20 awards for her literary/theatrical/social contribution in Hindi & in Maithili including prestigious Katha Award, Ghanshyamdas Saraf Sahitya Samman, Dr. Maheshwari Singh 'Mahesh' Sarvottam Sahitya Samman, Mohan Rakesh Samman Women Achiever Award, Best Suggestions Awards, 1st Rajiv Saraswat Samman, 1st Ladli Media Award-2009 for her satirical writing on net under title of, 1st Vyangy Rachnakar Samman, Bhopal, 2009, Sahityasevi Samman, Chennai, 2011, Best female Actor Award, 2013, Vishnudas Bhave Samman, 2011, E-Natya Shodh Award, 2013, Dr. Anil Mukharjee Rang Samman, 2015 etc.

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