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From as far back as he can remember, Lakshya knew that he was destined to be a musician; even if it meant taking the slightly longer route of engineering school and IT offices to get there. The Bangalore-born singer and songwriter is a popular voice in the indie landscape, particularly known for his innovative blend of contemporary and vintage sounds—something he likes to call Retro Repair. A combination of current and classic favourites across genres and languages, Lakshya’s performances are both familiar and inventive – a groovy mix of excitement and nostalgia, ensuring much foot-tapping and singing-along among his audience.

Lakshya’s layered singing and clever improvisations have seen him play lead vocals in bands such as TMKC and Mannfarid, in a variety of live gigs over the years. Apart from being a solo acoustic performer, the talented songwriter has also composed original music for several short films, promotions, jingles and events. Inspired by alternative rock and contemporary and retro Bollywood sounds, Lakshya’s talent lies in understanding his audiences’ musical tastes and improvising his tunes to the vibes of his performance space.
With quite a bundle of achievements to his name, this talented musician recently reached the TOP24 of the prestigious SaReGaMaPa 2016, won the MTV Colors of Youth 2015, won the title of Sony Mix: Mix Voice of Pune in 2014, and was the Uninor Youth Icon in 2012-13, among over 5000 participants in Maharashtra and Goa. While Lakshya’s flair for fresh, innovative sounds and his engaging performing style have already seen him woo listeners from across the country, the soulful songwriter believes that he’s only at the beginning of his musical journey, with promises of even more exciting things to come in the near future.

Course Name Western Vocals Grade 3 Institute Name Trinity College of London
Start Date 12-05-2010 End Date 24-05-2012
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi
Work preference
Available In : Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Anywhere In India
Availability : Full Time
Saregamapa 2016
Role Top 24
Start Date 04-05-2016 End Date 06-05-2016
Reached the Top 24 of the prestigious Saregamapa 2016.
MTV Roadies X2
Role Participant
Start Date 14-05-2015 End Date 14-05-2015
Participated in the MTV Roadies X2 reality show and reached PI. Dedicated a Roadies X2 Anthem on the guitar to the show and also recorded the same.
MTV Colors of Youth
Role Best Band
Start Date 07-05-2014 End Date 21-05-2015
Won the MTV Colors of Youth 2015 as the Best Band across India.
Sony Mix: Mix Voice of Pune
Role Winner
Start Date 09-05-2013 End Date 15-05-2014
Won the title of Sony Mix: Mix Voice of Pune and was awarded by Sanam Puri.
Uninor Youth Icon
Role Winner
Start Date 09-05-2012 End Date 01-05-2013
Won the title of Uninor Youth Icon across Maharashtra and Goa against 5000 participants.
Project Name
Start Date End Date