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Deepak Qazir is an actor, known for his outstanding roles in Pardes, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. Qazir is a very well known face of Cinema and Television.

Course Name Acting Institute Name National School of Drama
Start Date 04-07-1974 End Date 04-06-1977
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical stats
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Language : Hindi, English
Expertise : Acting, Singing
Work preference
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Aaj ki awaz
Role Kishan Khanna
Start Date 07-09-1984 End Date
Role Actor
Start Date 14-03-1986 End Date
Hero Hiralal
Role Dukhilal
Start Date 21-10-1988 End Date
Role Siddharth
Start Date 07-10-1988 End Date
Role Commisioner
Start Date 19-04-1989 End Date
Main azad hoon
Role V. K. Dubey
Start Date 15-12-1989 End Date
Role Saigal
Start Date 26-01-1990 End Date
Role Rahim
Start Date 23-03-1990 End Date
Role Actor
Start Date 14-02-1992 End Date
Role Home minister
Start Date 01-09-1992 End Date
Role Chaurasia
Start Date 09-04-1993 End Date
Janam se pehle
Role Actor
Start Date 11-03-1994 End Date
Role Khansahib
Start Date 09-09-1994 End Date
The maharaja's daughter
Role Captain
Start Date 14-06-1994 End Date
God and Gun
Role Party president
Start Date 27-04-1995 End Date
Role Nandu
Start Date 18-01-1989 End Date
Sautela bhai
Role Harkishan
Start Date 21-06-1996 End Date
Aurat Aurat Aurat
Role Actor
Start Date 16-02-1996 End Date
Role Amirchand
Start Date 08-12-1997 End Date
Byomkesh Bakshi
Role Inspector
Start Date 03-04-1993 End Date
Pardesi babu
Role Ramji
Start Date 13-11-1998 End Date
Arjun Pandit
Role Nisha's father
Start Date 20-08-1999 End Date
Gubbare Chandan ki chita
Role Passenger
Start Date 01-12-1999 End Date
Role Taxi Driver
Start Date 21-01-1998 End Date
Role Inspector
Start Date 23-06-2000 End Date
Zindagi khoobsurat hain
Role Film maker
Start Date 04-10-2002 End Date
Role Raghu's dad
Start Date 20-12-2002 End Date
Role Raja's father
Start Date 30-12-2003 End Date
Hawa aane de
Role Actor
Start Date 05-06-2004 End Date
Kahaani ghar ghar ki
Role Babuji
Start Date 16-10-2000 End Date
Kasautii zindagi ki
Role Moloy Basu
Start Date 29-10-2001 End Date
Ek khiladi Ek haseena
Role Arjun's victim
Start Date 18-11-2005 End Date
Kal: Yesterday and Tomorrow
Role Laxminarayan
Start Date 09-12-2005 End Date
My faraway bride
Role Khanna
Start Date 22-03-2007 End Date
Role Actor
Start Date 19-05-2006 End Date
Salam - E- Ishq
Role Joshi
Start Date 25-01-2007 End Date
Just married: Marriage was only the beginning
Role Ritika's Dad
Start Date 16-03-2007 End Date
Kya dill mein hai
Role Ghosh babu
Start Date 01-12-2007 End Date
Tujhko hai salam Zindagi
Role Actor
Start Date 10-12-2007 End Date
Role Kailash
Start Date 26-06-2006 End Date
Role Raj Khurana
Start Date 25-01-2008 End Date
Kis desh mai hai mera dil
Role Lalit Juneja
Start Date 03-03-2008 End Date
Sanjog se bani sangini
Role Dadaji
Start Date 16-08-2010 End Date
Mere dost picture abhi baaki hai
Role Actor
Start Date 20-07-2010 End Date
Role Mr. Jhanjhar
Start Date 20-11-2010 End Date
Ek thhi Naayika
Role Raja
Start Date 09-03-2013 End Date
Bade acche lagte hai
Role Raghav Sahay
Start Date 28-05-2011 End Date
Role Daarji
Start Date 21-11-2011 End Date
Role Actor
Start Date 23-08-1996 End Date
Jaane bhi do yaaron
Role Asst. mun
Start Date 12-08-1983 End Date
Roop ki rani choron ka raja
Role Actor
Start Date 16-04-1993 End Date
Role Amirchand
Start Date 08-12-1997 End Date
Project Name
Start Date End Date