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About me

Comic from Mumbai, winner at Classic Comic Hunt Pune, 2017, and multiple winner at Canvas Laugh Club. Comfortable with humor on subjects like academics, politics, corporate and personal. No swearing, suitable for private and corporate shows. Also pioneering the first Malayalam stand up comedy shows

Course Name B.Tech Institute Name NIT Warangal
Start Date 16-07-2007 End Date 07-05-2011
Course Name MBA Institute Name IIM Lucknow
Start Date 17-06-2013 End Date 14-03-2015
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English
Chiriyo Chiri
Role Artist
Start Date 23-06-2018 End Date
Performer for the first ever stand up comedy show in Malayalam in Mumbai, and continuing
Rubbish Mathew
Role Solo Show
Start Date 04-11-2018 End Date 04-11-2018
Did a solo show for an hour with tightest material at Leafy trails Pune
R City Mall
Role Solo Show
Start Date 29-07-2018 End Date 29-07-2018
Solo show at R City Mall Ghatkopar Mumbai, produced by Razzmatazz events
Indian Luxury Expo 2019
Role Solo Show
Start Date 02-02-2019 End Date 02-02-2019
Performed a stand up comedy show at the Indian Luxury Expo 2019 in Hyderabad, produced by Buzzkya entertainment
Pune Comedy Festival
Role Performer
Start Date 28-10-2017 End Date 01-04-2018
Opening act and performer for a crowd of 2000+ in Pune amidst elite Indian comics at Pune comedy festivals 2.0 & 3.0
Heart Cup Coffee, Hyderabad
Role Host
Start Date 23-12-2018 End Date 23-12-2018
Host and opening act for EIC's Sapan Verma's show in Hyderabad, produced by Buzzkya entertainment
Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad
Role Opening Act
Start Date 29-04-2018 End Date 29-04-2018
Opening act for EIC's Sahil Shah's show in Hyderabad at Hard Rock Cafe, produced by Weirdass Comedy
Best in Stand Up
Role Performer
Start Date 01-12-2017 End Date 01-12-2017
Weekend Performer at Canvas Laugh Club Gurgaon
Grey Room Comedy
Role Manager
Start Date 20-08-2017 End Date
Organizer of Stand Up Comedy shows at The White Owl, Lower Parel, both featured and open mics
Project Name
Start Date End Date