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Abhijeet Das is a singer since he was 6 years old. He completed his school and college studies in Tezpur, Assam. Then he completed 5 years Hindustani classical music from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapith, Lucknow. He belongs to an Assamese cultural family. He has two elder sisters and two elder brothers. His two sisters were already married. His father Late Ghanakant Das was a gold medalist in Sanskrit language. His mother Karunamoyee Das was fond of dance and music. She herself was a dance composer and a singer. As Abhijeet Das's father died during his childhood days, he got all supports from his two brothers for his school and college studies. In the field of music, he was always encouraged by his mother. As he completed his graduation, his loving mother also died. After passing B.com, Abhijeet Das has settled in Mumbai. That way Abhijeet Das has become a professional singer of Mumbai. Through his singing he could enter into the bollywood world too. He had a good friendship with bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna, Dev Anand, Pran etc. Even he has a friendly relation with actor Govinda and so on. As his voice is suitable for the songs sung by Mohd. Rafi, he got an offer by Newstar Audio to sing various songs of old movies. He got opportunity from the legendary music director Ravindra Jain to sing two songs for the movie 'Pyar Ki Taquat' although the movie couldn't be released duo to some financial problems. He had a love marriage with a girl in Mumbai who's originally from Orissa. His wife Neeta Das basically is not a singer but very fond of music. Even his only daughter Naina Das has also become a very popular singer of Mumbai. She learnt Hindustani vocal music and all singing styles of different semi classical and light songs from her loving dad Abhijeet Das. The different songs they both sang are collected in an audio album "Evergreen songs of Naina Das & Abhijeet Das" by Newstar audio which is already released and available on net. Abhijeet Das's wife Neeta Das encourages Naina for her music and studies so that she can also become a good singer like her father. Abhijeet Das has already sung in many live stage shows in Assam and Mumbai since his childhood days till now.

Course Name B.com Institute Name Darrang college, Tezpur (Assam)
Start Date 08-06-1987 End Date 30-03-1990
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Bengali, Assamese
Work preference
Available In : Mumbai
Availability : Full Time
Role Melody singing
Start Date End Date
Abhijeet Das is a prominent singer of Mumbai. He is a Sangeet Visharad from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapith, Lucknow. Originally, he belongs to an Assamese cultural family of Tezpur (Assam). Now, he has completely settled with his family in Mumbai. He has more than 25 years good experiences in singing. He sings all types of songs like semi classical, old melodies, new year song, ghazal , devotional song and even Rabindra sangeet. He has already sung many songs in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and Assamese languages etc. He has already sung several duo songs with singer Naina Das. Both he and Naina Das already performed live singing in many stage shows. His solo and duet singing performances with Naina Das are already available in youtube
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