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Keshav is an Indian playback singer, best known for his latest Bollywood hit number “Bheege naina” from the Movie “ENEMMY”. He has a rich timbre in his voice which renders a unique quality. He has also done playback for many telugu and Kannada Movies. Is associated with Mumbai radio station fever 104 for various projects like Ramayan, Friends in a metro(character of Babla Ghosh) and numerous jingles. Was a finalist of Indian Idol season 4 as well. His mission is to spread the message of Love and bring happiness to people through his Music.
Cultural Roots:
He had the great fortune to learn Hindustani music ever since the age of 10 and participate in regional and state level music competitions and events. His illustrious father Dr. Anand Krishna groomed him up in the musical tradition that consisted of constant Riyaaz and abiding by the higher values of life. A constant guidance and training eventually endowed him with a rich voice and dexterity in singing.
He did his schooling where classical music is widely patronized and taught to the students. Later when he joined the University to do his graduation in Bio-technology, his flair for music received the highest impetus which encouraged him to take up music professionally.
It is here that he had the rare opportunity to interact with and learn from doyens of music such as Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Begum Parveen Sultana, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Pt. Jasraj, Dana Gillespie and so forth. Their sterling performances in the immediate Presence of his Sadguru Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba inspired in him the zest to reach out for the best in him. He was noted by music directors for his talent while performing in music concerts that led to his entry into Kannada Film industry(Sandalwood) where he made his first debut in playback singing in the year 2007. He is keeping up with his root culture of adherence to the highest human values and maintaining the subtle essence or soul of music and the purity and clarity of melody and rhythm. He knows for sure that he will have a tryst with his musical destiny soon.

Course Name Engineering graduate in Biotechnology Institute Name Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning”.
Start Date 01-07-2007 End Date 15-05-2009
Course Name MCA Institute Name Bangalore Institute of Technology
Start Date 01-07-2009 End Date 01-06-2011
Course Name Audio engineering Institute Name SAE Mumbai
Start Date 01-08-2011 End Date 30-09-2014
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Language : Hindi, English, Telugu, Urdu, Kannada, Punjabi
Instruments : Guitar (electric, Acoustic), Harmonium, Keyboard, Tabla
Music Reading : Sight Reading, Read Charts
Genre : Disco, Indian Classical, Classic Rock, Bhajan, Electronic, Fusion, Ghazal, Hip Hop, Jazz, New Age, Pop, Progressive Rock, Qawwali, Rock, Soul, Sufi, World Music
Work preference
Available In : Anywhere In India
Availability : Long-term
Video Album-Naseeba
Role Singer & Actor
Start Date 08-07-2018 End Date 08-07-2018
A Video depicting day-to-day arguments of couples in Love featuring the famous Yahya Bootwala & Brinda
Video Album-Sau Martaba
Role Singer & Actor
Start Date 09-04-2018 End Date 09-04-2018
A Beautiful Tragic Love story taken along lines of today's trending Love tales featuring Shiwali Bhola & Rewant Dagar....
Video Album-Tu Meri Zindagi
Role Music composer,Actor & Singer
Start Date 28-11-2018 End Date 28-11-2018
A beautiful musical album featuring Rohan Mehra,Kate Sharma & Myself with a Heart-touching story-line and beautiful Locales
Video album - Paul Walker -See you again & Alvida Mashup
Role Siger & Actor
Start Date 28-11-2016 End Date 30-11-2016
A beautiful creation loved by all
Meherbani released by "Times Music"
Role Playback singer and actor
Start Date 26-09-2016 End Date 27-09-2016
The very popular video album,"Meherbani" released by "Times Music" has garnered more than 17 lakh views within a very short time!!
Recording for various labels
Role Playback
Start Date 01-01-2016 End Date 03-05-2017
Continuous recording for various banners and esteemed music directors is going on.The projects are set to be launched and released by 2017-2018
Film,Midsummer Midnight Mumbai
Role Playback singer
Start Date 12-05-2015 End Date 12-05-2015
The song,"Khwabon ki Barish" from the film,"Midsummer Midnight Mumbai",has been sung by Playback singer,Keshav Kumar
Role Playback
Start Date 08-05-2014 End Date 08-05-2014
The famous song,"Bheege Naina"has been sung by Playback singer,Keshav Kumar for this film,"Enemmy"
Series of shows in West Indies
Role Bhajans at various venues
Start Date 06-04-2014 End Date 20-04-2014
Had Solo and group Bhajan sessions at various venues organised by The Shree Sathya Sai organisations in West Indies.
Annual event for a corporate at Macau,China
Role Singer & Performer
Start Date 12-08-2014 End Date 16-08-2014
Rocked among an audience of >5000
Annual cultural event for Godrej at Goa
Role Singer
Start Date 15-06-2015 End Date 16-06-2015
Annual event for all the families and friends of Godrej employees at an exclusive program in Goa.
Royal wedding reception at Jaipur
Role Singer
Start Date 02-02-2016 End Date 03-02-2016
Royal wedding reception with an audience of >3000 audience
Corporate show
Role Singer
Start Date 16-10-2016 End Date 17-10-2016
90th Anniversary of Syndicate Bank
Project Name
Start Date End Date