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About me

hello!! i am AUM THAKKAR. i am an actor.i did 10 workshops and did 2 shortfilms.i am student of humanities. I just love acting.i did 10 plays.i like camera acting very much.

Course Name rangayan acting workshop Institute Name ranagayan
Start Date 20-10-2016 End Date 20-11-2016
Course Name haa acting workshop Institute Name HAA academy
Start Date 11-12-2016 End Date 11-01-2017
Course Name theater workshop Institute Name astitva mumbai
Start Date 29-11-2015 End Date 31-12-2017
Course Name Institute Name
Start Date End Date
Physical stats
Not updated by the artist yet.
Language : Hindi, English, Gujarati
Expertise : Acting
Work preference
Available In : Mumbai, Ahmedabad
Availability : Part Time
short film
Start Date End Date
a have done 10 workshops, two shortfilms and 8 plays
kachre ki jagah sirf kachra peti
Role a student
Start Date End Date
this is a short film . it is also avilable in youtube. it was my fav. and first shortfilm.it was made for swachch bharat aabhiyan..
no more cut paste delete .com please
Role saint
Start Date End Date
In this drama my role was of a saint. i have done it correctly and wore mustache,beard,long hairs,etc.and did it very correctly that my mother also believed that i am a saint not aum,,... it is about a techno savvy world in which my role was to save people from a huge problem that if the chip will be corrupted they will forget their children and also his/her family.
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