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Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi is one of the top corporate stand up comedians in India with over 200+ performances for companies like LinkedIn, Decathalon, HP, Standard Chartered, GE healthcare, Medtronic Inc, Times of India, ISRO, Panasonic, Delloite, Toast Masters, LensKart, Wildcraft, Microfocus, Marriot, Taj, Swissnex, Rotary, PGI Chandigarh, AIIMS Delhi, BMC, Award functions, Medical and Technology conferences and social events. His comedy is observational, non-offensive, clean, non-political and is well apretiated by corporate audiences and senior management. His comedy revolves around relationships, traffic, human behavior, entrepreneurship, schooling, friendship, college life and of-course on doctors-patient interactions and medical life, thereby being relatable to audiences from all age groups and back grounds. His Youtube channel - Jagdish Chaturvedi has 117K+ Subscribers and over 10 million video views across 50+ comedy videos. He has over 3 hours of cumulative content and has performed 3 comedy specials in over 200+ public performances across India (Public shows, ticketed events and college fests), Australia, United Kingdom, UAE, Thailand and Singapore. He is also a practicing ENT surgeon, Innovator of 18+ medical devices (35 Innovators under age of 35 by MIT technology review) and Author (3 books, one best seller) Links YouTube channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt9-QMH-92EafTUWkVu8PMA). ? General content -? 1. Traffic ka Gussa : https: //youtu.be/sf_qw9ciyD0 2. Naye ads se pareshan: ?https://youtu.be/ph8mn3bL5jo 3. Mordern Tareekey Samajh Nahin Aatey : https://youtu.be/0JfUzV7oags Medical content -? 1. My first labour pain - https://youtu.be/o1_DaTgkVps 2. Tapori Surgeon - https://youtu.be/nIgB7q1BDus 3. Side effects of being a doctor - https://youtu.be/HudvWeFb6Ug Comedy Sketches -? 1. Dating a surgeon : https://youtu.be/pJ-RmH9fcCU 2. Fate of Doctors in India:? https://youtu.be/WF8W2PAuEpo Personal website - www.jagdishchaturvedi.com? Wikipedia- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jagdish_Chaturvedi

Course Name DNB ENT Institute Name St Johns Medical College
Start Date 01-04-2009 End Date 01-04-2011
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Language : Hindi, English
Stand up comedian
Role Stand up comedy
Start Date 01-01-2017  
Dr. Jagdish has performed over 250+ shows across India and abroad. Has three comedy specials of 60 mins each.
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